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What is a Twoland roll up shoes?


Twoland roll up shoes are a must have for....



Does the thought of stepping on a hotel room floor make you cringe?  Do you hate taking off your shoes in the airport security line? Do you love to hit the spa when you are away and at home?  Twoland roll up shoes are great for your next vacation or get-away day at the spa!




Have you ever gone for an unexpected pedicure appointment, only to realize that you are wearing boots?  There is no reason to cause a post pedicure blemish or go home in flimsy foam sandals; The Twoland roll up shoese will keep you smudge-free because the sliding strap adjusts to fit your foot. Twoland roll up shoes have a sturdy...perfect for a day of shopping and doing errands after your appointment!




Don't let an unexpected broken heel or painful blister slow you down, add a little bling to your wardrobe with fabulous Twoland roll up shoes.  All girls know that 3" heels bring the right style, but they are not always practical.  When you can't walk one more step, Twoland roll up shoes are the perfect compliment to any outfit.




Have you ever left a party early because you could not possibly stand 
another minute in those designer shoes?  All Twoland roll up shoes come packaged in a matching makeup ­style pouch, which has enough room for a lip-gloss and an 
extra set of keys for the night out!