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Fold and roll up shoe's story


It all started with a wedding, a purse too-small, and third degree high-heel injuries. We’ve all been there, you have THE shoes for the occasion, the perfect party to make your friends drool over said shoes, but by nights-end you wonder if you’ll ever walk again.
She had been there once too often, so before next party Twoland created a pair of Fold up shoes and roll up shoes, slipped them into her purse, and felt that all was right with the world. And it was! Later that evening the girls slipped on Twoland fold up shoes, and danced a merry jig  in the pale moonlight.The gilr's dirty bare-foot limping friends begged her for pairs of their own!
Twoland fold up shoes are lightweight flexible fold up emergency ballet flats that will transform you from staggering mess to glamorous gazelle in one tiny purse sized package. Stairs, tram tracks and late night across town hikes are now a breeze thanks to Twoland.
Twoland creator initially studied Arts/Design/Fashion before spending her early career working for brands like Lonely Planet and  Travel to satiate a travel fetish. A veritable human Google earth, we could tell you where to buy cheese in Paris, how to buy a push bike  or how to get across Manhattan..FAST!